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Advance Clinical and Translational Research (Advance-CTR) serves as a central hub to support and educate clinical and translational researchers in Rhode Island.

Support clinical and translational researchers in Rhode Island through funding, research resources and services, and professional development opportunities in order to fuel discoveries that improve overall health in the state​.
  1. Foster coordination between translational researchers at our partner institutions.
  2. Bring together the diverse clinical research resources to provide a home that facilitates new collaborations.
  3. develop model community engagement outreach programs that promote health and wellness to a diverse population of Delawareans.
  4. Eliminate obstacles that may prevent researchers from pursuing clinical research initiatives.
  5. Educate, mentor and encourage young investigators in clinical research professional development.
  6. Facilitate research to gather preliminary data necessary for developing competitive research proposals.
  7. Sustain a clinical translational research environment by providing the necessary management and coordination of resources.
Supporting Translational Research:

Advance-CTR is comprised of two Award Cores and three Service Cores. The Award Cores are The Pilot Projects Program and the Professional Development Core, and the Service Cores include Clinical Research Design, Epidemiology and BiostatisticsBiomedical Informatics and Cyberinfrastructure Enhancement, and Clinical Research Resources and Facilities.

The Award Cores offer annual funding opportunities geared toward junior investigators that promote collaboration, mentoring and professional development. The Service Cores support investigators who have received Advance-CTR awards by offering a variety of research services and resources, in addition to serving the state’s broader translational research community.

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