Reviewer Bank

The Reviewer Bank provides the contact information for each program’s delegate. The delegate would be responsible for finding external reviewers from your institution(s) for pilot grants.

Please see the Project Details spreadsheet below to include/attach with your request. Additional pertinent data to include in your email/request would be due dates for the reviews as many folks have time constraints which would preclude them from helping and if your program is willing to provide honoraria and how much. The honoraria detail is being left up to each individual program. The delegate will then query investigators at his/her institution(s) for their interest in reviewing the listed proposals by the due date and secure the reviewers. The delegate will then put the potential reviewers in contact with the person/program requesting help.

Download the Project Details Spreadsheet

Reviewer Delegate List

Program Contact Name Title Email Address
American Indian/Alaska Native Jovanka Voyich PC
Delaware DE-CTR ACCEL Gregory Hicks PC
Great Plains Matthew Rizzo PI
Louisiana LA-CaTS Center John Kirwan PI
Mississippi Center Joey Granger PI
Mountain West Parvesh Kumar PI
Northern New England

Gary Stein

Clifford Rosen



Oklahoma OSCTR Timothy Vanwagoner PC
Rhode Island Advance-CTR Ed Hawrot PC
West Virginia WVCTSI Sally Hodder PI